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via beauty cream health

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via beauty cream health
Published 02-02-20


via beauty cream box of skincare and makeup yeah all you have to do is subscribe to my channel and leave what we want to comment down below and you're entered to win six winners of all these goodies be sure to hello guys how are you welcome my channel I'm so happy you're here I'm trying to hold this vlogging camera and honestly my arm is about to snap off it's so heavy but I'm deciding to not film this on my iPhone because one somebody you don't like the footage from my iPhone and to drop my iPhone whenever I was in Utah and it shattered the screen and right where the front camera is okay so let's get into talking about this video so as it turns out I have recently discovered that I am a skincare hoarder it's even worse I think then my makeup hoarding I'm kind of a minimalist with a lot of things except for skincare makeup I'm not that good at getting rid of skincare and makeup because every time I see something I'm like ooh I want to try that and then it ends


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