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because it has such negative side effects so I wanted side effect you see that he chose not to not to struggle and so it is for Nicolas not his real name the weekend is fast approaching and he is eagerly himself he reached out to some of his close friends for advice reach out to his close friends for advice okay this one is lightning bolts right the only shirt for satanic worshippers half years University life he was introduced to the bleep you just make a column just in case you don't know the blue pill the blue man is if I Agra the one that started the whole game government shit 100% in it comes with a plug in to the place wait one even if even if you got teased that you know like this you shouldn't even worry about it you should worry about the blue man pill Wow result Nikolas decided to take a plunge into the unfettered waters once with barky say that was so amazing that convinced me that this thing was actually working so he so hear me now people so watch this he could never perform the girl tell him listen I'm off to drop you man because you give me all this good shit but you were bombing the bed and all of a sudden he come up perfect so what she think him not thinking I hear this this man is pump doing something how is it okay with her for him to just pop those pills to make him a little bit better in bed this is garbage 100% him and of course I told your billion-dollar business they're running on the masses

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