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Take Care of Your Oral Health with the Top Dentist in Ridgewood Ny

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Published 30-11-19

Dr. Dennis S Block

Location: United States
67-13 Fresh Pond Rd. Ridgewood,NY 11385
(718) 304-0595


Are you a nail biter? Do you know biting nails is one of the worst habits that you can develop which can wreak havoc on both your oral and overall health? Nail biting not only facilitates the entry of millions of germs into your body, but it can also harm lips and gums. In fact, the enamel of your teeth can also be damaged because of this unhygienic habit of yours. It is for this reason that apart from regular brushing and flossing you should also refrain from such ill habits. Consult with the top dentist in Ridgewood Ny who can guide your further regarding the other harmful habits that you should stay away from as well as assist you to slowly diminish your habit of biting nails. This way you can retain your oral health in the best way for a long time to come.


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