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Published 27-08-19

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Location: Algeria


is rice protein and a mixture of different types of proteins Vega protein I used to take but I stay away from them now because they use a lot of people and P protein can make you a little bit bloated and they can sell and market them and everything at a lower price point really quality supplements can cost a lot of money you know if either originals or supplements aren't cheap but they're amazing high-quality and they're electrically charged and they just you get so much benefit from them okay another one electric C electric see also by Vita originals this is their vitamin C product it's electrically charged vitamin C I take this just one capsule this before my workout also after my workout in throughout the day as well vitamin C is important for your body repairing itself and by the way if you're ever sick just load up on vitamin C vitamin C you can never overdose on it just just down a lot of it and your body will recover from any cold really fast minerals also mean Originals I take one capsule these taking the right minerals is great also green tea I take this once in a while this is just a green tea extract I already showed you guys the matcha green tea that I'll take as well I'll either take one or the other green teas got a lot of great health benefits garlic garlic is incredible also I also have garlic in some of my meals as well you can also juice garlic as well with the juicer and stuff b ketoviante ut garlic is great for your immune system and by the way here's ano ketoviante ther tip if you're ever sick or if you want to have a really strong immune system these three things if you consume them every day I swear to god you'll never get sick one is garlic okay garlic and preferably raw garlic if you can okay and I'll be eating this garlic raw it tastes horrible but there's so many benefits to your immune system the other thing is ginger okay ginger root and I juice that as well


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