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Sodium Borohydride Powder
Sodium Borohydride China
Sodium Borohydride Price
Sodium Borohydride Manufacturer
Sodium Borohydride Supplier

Sodium Borohydride Functions

used as aldehyde, ketone and chloride type of reducing agent, plastic manufacturing dihydrostreptomycin hydrogenation agent, foaming agent, produce potassium borohydride intermediates, synthetic borane raw material, and used in the papermaking industry and mercury sewage treatment agent, etc.
It is used as a reductant for aldehydes, ketones, acyl chloride, foaming agents for plastics industry, bleaching agents for papermaking, and hydrogenation agents for the manufacture of dihydrostreptomycin in the pharmaceutical industry.
hubei aoks, is a high-technology Company, we are aim to make the world and peoples' life more colorful, using the high-technology in chemical field.

Now, we have two workshops in Shandong, which covers a area of more than 15,000 m2, and has more than 100 workers, in which 10% are senior engineers. Now, we establish a production line suitable for trail experiment, and large scale production, from gram to tons quantity.

Our main focus now is solvents, organic intermediates, what's more, we can provide OEM production, and customer synthesis service.

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