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Sodium Borohydride Powder
Sodium Borohydride China
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Sodium borohydride is a very strong reducing agent used in organic and biochemical reactions. Nanocrystalline superlattices in gold colloid solution have been prepared by ligand-induction using AuCl3 reduced with sodium borohydride. Nucleophilic addition of hydride ion from sodium borohydride is an inexpensive alternative method for the Baylis-Hillman reaction to form [E]-α-methylcinnamic acids.

Best Price CAS 16940-66-2 Sodium borohydride Application:

1.The principle application of sodium borohydride is the production of sodium dithionite from sulfur dioxide: Sodium dithionite is used as a bleaching agent for wood pulp and in the dyeing industry.

2. Sodium borohydride , as water soluble reductant, is also mainly used in drug, pulp bleaching, recovery of noble metals and preventation of the occurrence of public nuisances caused by heavy metals. It is reductant of carbonyl compound (aldehyde, ketone, acid, acid amide, acid anhydride, acid halogen, ester, enol ester, imide, lactone), carbonitriding chemicals (azide, diazo salts, hydrazone, imine, nitrile, oxime, nitro compound), peroxide and hydroperoxide;
3. Sodium borohydride, is used to remove color, smell of organic chemicals, used to control pollution and recycle noble metals, the production of drug and fine chemica.

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