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Posted by belton Juriya on 16-10-19

This is not as strange as it may first seem, in English we can use verbs as adjectives, so in popular songs we often hear singers feeling lonely 'when you're gone'. 'Gone' in this context is an adjective, a synonym for 'absent' and it's in this manner that a French mind would work when using as an auxiliary verb. Understood? Now let's go back to back to that glamorous French-speaking Dutch couple, Dr and The verbs represented are  Passer. This mnemonic device can't help you in the slightest because you haven't pre-learned the seventeen verbs. And if you had, by any chance, committed all of them to memory, you wouldn't need to bother with good old Dr and well-intentioned French teacher probably reasoned that if millions of Britons (myself included) have learned the colors of the rainbow by reciting 'Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain'

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